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"Porteño y bailarín" by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Jorge Durán in vocals, 1945 (English translation).

"Porteño y bailarín", Argentine Tango vinyl disc cover.
Music: Carlos Di Sarli. Lyrics: Héctor Marcó.

Porteño and dancer, you made me Tango, as I am:
Romantic and sweet ...

Your violin inspires me, the soul of your compass drags me,
the bandoneon lulls me ...
A melancholic little house, sighing love,
I gave her my love at your doors,
and in your criolla little window leaning to the sun,
broke my strings yesterday.
All my drama is in your voice
hands in goodbye,
lips in lipstick ...
For her and for her love you made me Tango, as I am:
Porteño and dancer!

What does the dream matter
that steal from my pupils,
the lying hours
to dance without calm.
What does fear matter
to give my life!
If I found the kiss
that my soul asks me.
Today I know they were
tangos, love and drinks,
crazy swallows,
in my heart.

Porteño and dancer, Tango resounds ... that in your voice
today I live in a soap opera.
Her breath returns to me like that night I hugged,
her tender heart ...
A melancholic little house of glass and blue,
if to ask, she comes back once,
in your criolla little window transformed into a cross,
tell her how much I cried for her.
A guitar, a bordonear,
dreams and sing ...
Everything was taken away!
Porteño and dancer, you made me Tango, as I am,
romantic and sweet ...

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