Argentine Tango School

Pepito Avellaneda y Suzuki de Souza

Pepito Avellaneda & Susuki de Sousa, Argentine Tango dancers and milongueros.

Pepito Avellaneda

(30 November 1930 - 29 April 1996)

"Dancing is everything for me, I feed on it."

"I dance and I am nurtured.

I signed many contracts, for example in the provinces: Salta, Córdoba, Tucumán.

And I, even though I was not paid, I danced because I felt it.

That is to say, I did what I felt like to and I was also paid. That is wonderful. It means that I feed on tango, I enjoy teaching.

I spend all day long teaching. In Europe, they love me very much. So much so that I receive letters, they send me invitations, it's very nice.

And I learned by myself. It was a question of trying, to make a step, another step. And then I dared.

Later the practice in clubs came, among men. That is to say, I led you, you led me: in other words, you learned to lead a woman. That to dance on Sunday, on Saturday.

We practiced creating some steps. There were no women at the practices. It was only with men. We practiced it to dance with our girlfriend, with our wife. It's easier to dance with a woman."

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