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"Pablo" by Anibal Troilo y su Orquesta Típica, 1943.

Pablo Podestá, Argentine actor, sculptor, painter, musician and composer. The tango "Pablo" composed by José Martinez, is dedicated to him.

Pablo Podestá

Singer, guitarist, composer and actor (22 November 1875 - 26 April 1923)

He was the younger brother of the Podestá, the great artistic family directed by José Podestá (Don Pepe or Pepino 88), founder of the Argentine theater.

Since childhood he learned all the secrets of the circus and at age eight he was already spoiled by the public for his acrobatic exhibits.

When his brother and guide, Pepe, decided to form a company, he became an actor, and when he managed to make a name for himself he formed his own, premiering in his long career the best dramas of Florencio Sánchez and other great Argentine authors of the time.

Those who saw him act assured that he had no rival on the scene and always remembered him as the greatest of our actors.

José Martinez composed this tango in his homage.

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