Argentine Tango School

"Orgullo criollo" by Pedro Laurenz y su Orquesta Típica, 1941.

Pedro Laurenz & Julio De Caro | Argentine Tango music

Pedro Laurenz

Bandoneon player, director and composer (10 October 1902 - 7 July 1972)

A great tango personality, basically as bandoneon player and composer. Relatively less though still significant was his influence as orchestra director. He was a bandoneon player of great techniques, skilful with both hands (high and low-pitches), superb in sound, energetic in performances and vehement in phrases. He was the founder of a performance school.

As a composer —one of the greatest in the tango history— his work mingled with those of Pedro Maffia and the brothers Julio and Francisco De Caro, but then it flew on his own. Among his best compositions, now classic tangos, is “Orgullo criollo” (with the cooperation of Julio De Caro).

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