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“Novia provinciana” by Héctor Varela y su Orquesta Típica with Argentino Ledesma in vocals, 1952.

Argentino Ledesma, Argentine Tango singer.

Argentino Ledesma

Singer and lyricist (24 June 1929 - 6 August 2004)

All of a sudden, Argentino Ledesma joined that fashionable orchestra sharing the stage with Rodolfo Lesica, and soon they would become the most popular team of singers of the 50s.

His debut took place at the Chantecler cabaret.

The evening of June 24, 1952, thanks to an offer not to be disregarded at all, the orchestra began to appear at the mythological Marabú, on 365 Maipú Street.

His first recording with Varela was on August 21 with the tango “Novia provinciana”, for the Pampa label.

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