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Argentine Tango School

“No te engañes corazón” by Juan D’Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Reynal in vocals, 1940.

'No te engañes corazón', Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

Rodolfo Sciammarella

Pianist, composer and lyricist (8 October 1902 – 24 June 1973)

In Rodolfo Sciammarella’s family, everybody played a musical instrument.

He chose the piano.

They say that his professional career started in 1926 as a pianist and singer at the beginnings of the radio.

And that the same year he composed this tango.

His most popular numbers are characterized by their pleasant melodies that the public immediately adopted, learning them by heart through whistling and songs in the streets and at work.

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