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“No está” by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Podestá in vocals, 1942 (English translation).

Carlos Di Sarli with Alberto Podestá, Argentine Tango musical artists.
Music & Lyrics: José Bohr.

Every time I call you
they tell me: “She’s not here!”

What a strange case
Why will it be?
Would it be that your love
it moves away from mine,
could it be that my love
is getting you tired?
Every time I call you
with more anxiety,
every time that “no”
it’s more coldly …
It’s my fault,
I lived in another world
and now I wake up
to reality…

I love you,
I loved you
and I will love you…
In my arms
You swore me, eternal love…
There was no in the world
nothing but my love,
nothing but my caresses,
for you, I was your heaven…
You don’t love me,
you didn’t love me,
you won’t love me…
Like all,
your promises were vain…
You have forgotten a faithful love,
you have broken a heart
that today bleeds
to the beat of its pain.

Today, tomorrow,
every day,
always the same…
The one who makes wrong,
you know it well,
always pays…
So someday you too
you will blind yourself with a love
and in this world, for you,
there will be nothing…
Like me,
same as others,
you too,
toys we are
of the wheel of destiny…
At every moment you will call,
with crazy anxiety, you will ask,
and with “it’s not here” cruel
so they will answer …

Every time I call you
they tell me: “She’s not here!”

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