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"Mendocina" by Edgardo Donato y su Orquesta Típica with Romeo Gavioli in vocals, 1942.

Romeo Gavioli, Argentine Tango singer and musician.

Romeo Gavioli

Singer, violinist, composer and bandleader (5 February 1913 - 17 April 1957)

He represents the archetype of the style in vogue during the forties, with his voice expressing an introspective feeling through delicate phrasing and an exquisite musicality.

His way of interpretation carries us to a pleasant, warm mood that makes us remember those light tenors that preceded him.

In 1939 he was summoned by Edgardo Donato to appear as a singer of his orchestra, along with the other vocalists, Lita Morales and Horacio Lagos, who were wife and husband.

Most of the numbers he recorded, a total of 15, are duets or trios with the other singers.

As a soloist, he only recorded three pieces: the waltz “Mendocina” among them.

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