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"Me están sobrando las penas" by Pedro Laurenz y su Orquesta Típica with Carlos Bermudez in vocals, 1944.

Argentino Galván. Violinist, arranger, leader and compose. Argentine Tango.

Argentino Galván

Violinist, arranger, leader and composer (13 July 1913 - 8 November 1960)

The 40s presented a great number of young qualified leaders that joined those already in the milieu.

It then becomes necessary, for reasons of competence, the contribution of a professional specialization that makes real the pretensions of evolution.

So the figure of the arranger and orchestrator appears.

His mission, according to his capability, is to help to harmonize and polish the styles of interpretation of the groups.

Galván carried Tango to the music stand definitively.

At this period of great creativity he composed the tango "Me están sobrando las penas" (with Basso and Bahr).

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