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"María" by Anibal Troilo y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Marino in vocals, 1945 (English translation).

Anibal Troilo and Cátulo Castillo. Argentine Tango music and poetry.
Music: Aníbal Troilo. Lyrics: Cátulo Castillo.

Maybe your name is just Maria..!

I don't know if you were the echo of an old song,
but long, long ago, you were deeply mine
over a sad landscape, passed out with love...

Autumn brought you, drenched in agony,
your poor hat and the brown overcoat...
You were like the street of melancholy,
that was raining... raining on my heart ..!

In the shadows of my room
it is your step that returns...

And it's your voice, small and sad,
that of the day you said:
"There is nothing between the two of us anymore…”

The most mine ..! The Distant ..!
If she cames back another morning
through the streets of farewell..!

Your eyes were ports that kept away,
its horizon of dreams and a flower silence...
But your good hands, they returned present,
to cure my fever, faded with love...

An Autumn you left..! Your name was Maria
and I never knew anything about your unhappy course...
If you were like the landscape of Melancholy,
that it was raining... it was raining, on the gray street...

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