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"Lunes" by Alfredo De Angelis y su Orquesta Típica with Carlos Dante in vocals, 1947.

"Lunes", Argentine Tango music sheet cover.


Music: José Luis Padula. Lyrics: Francisco García Jiménez.

A professor digs his pocket
to see if a nickel is enough for a complete...
Yesterday - how sweet! -, the reliable information for a racing horse;
today -what vinegar! -, breaking the tickets...

The calendar announces us that it's Monday,
that the good life is over,
a new week is coming full speed
with its low quality annoying program.

In direction to the workshop
Josefina goes.
In the milonga, yesterday,
she pretended being refined.
The Queen of the dancehall
yesterday she was called…
She came down from the throne
to go to work...

The tall Pantaleón
tie his cart,
in ugly suit
and espadrilles.
Yesterday in the Paddock
he played ten and ten...
Today he goes to load
coal to Dock 3.

Gone is the Sunday of pleasure!
Dancing, poker and champagne!
Even the poorest could be
for ten minutes a rich one.
The sad Monday peeped out,
my dreams went to hell
the good luck was cut short
and to work you have to go.

But what does it matter that in this cards game
today the almanac shows the Monday card on top?
If in that card we fell into the hole,
there is already a Sunday coming to take us out.
No evil, my friends, lasts a hundred years
and we will also get a piece of the cake...
Perhaps we hit the eight
and who stops you that day, sweetheart!...

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