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"Loca de amor" by Rodolfo Biagi y su Orquesta Típica with Teófilo Ibáñez in vocals, 1938.

"Loca de amor", Argentine Tango music vinyl disc.

Pablo Vázquez

Singer (25 January 1864 - 26 June 1897)

He began in 1880 and, like all payadores, traveled the country from one extreme to the other in search of adversaries or holding challenges that made the audience vibrate, so fond of payadoril art at that time.

The tours of homelands were also made with various circuses in which he was an attraction, and he performed in various Buenos Aires theaters doing it at the Politeama with José Podestá in 1881, and also in Montevideo.

He was one of the most brilliant payadores, due to his select training and higher education, as he was a school teacher.

He published a pamphlet with his verses in 1895 titled "El payador argentino".

He is included in this work because he owns the music with which the waltz “Loca de amor” is known, badly signed by Enrique Caviglia, who was not a composer but a music editor.

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