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"Invierno" by Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta Típica with Roberto Maida in vocals, 1937.

Minotto Di Cicco, Argentine Tango musician.

Minotto Di Cicco

Bandoneonist and leader (11 October 1898 - 9 September 1979)

Minotto was a great technician of the bandoneon and an eternal studious player of his instrument.

For many years associated —with some breaks— to the Francisco Canaro’s orchestra to which he always contributed with his playing to the disciplines of its leader, he was a solo player, for his close friends, of melodic themes performed with high sound quality and a perfect fingering.

He was at the same level as the greats of his time.

Nearly fifty years of honest work in the service of Tango by a great artist, a very important bandoneon player, deserve the constant memory and the adequate diffusion of his talent.

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