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Argentine Tango School

How to dance Argentine Tango exercise 1: change of weight and walking

Shift your weight from one foot to the other, making sure to align your body’s axis, that is, the vertical line that organizes your body so that you have a good balance on that foot.
Walk trying to gradually put your foot on the floor while moving your axis between both feet, until letting your axis be completely aligned on one foot, and thus begin the same process again.
My intention is to be sure about where I put my foot before I commit my full body weight on that foot, moving carefully and, at the same time, free enough to accept risks and safe enough to choose certain risky situations to be able to play with my movements, making my dance in this way pleasant and interesting at the same time, like a happy, deep, and witty chat with my dance partner.
We can add a “tap” between steps so that we have to develop our sensitivity in relation to the alignment of our axis on each foot alternately.
We can also do a “tap” between each weight change.
Walking slower helps us better control the gradual shift of our weight from one foot to the other.

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