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"Fuimos" by Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica with Roberto Chanel in vocals, 1946.

Roberto Chanel, Argentine Tango singer and composer.

Roberto Chanel

Singer, composer and lyricist (26 November 1914 - 24 July 1972)

He was an excellent singer, delicate, with a warm tenderness, a typical symbol of his period.

With Pugliese, he recorded 31 tunes, among those which stand out we like to share today “Fuimos”.

For the connoisseurs, he was the best Pugliese's vocalist, the one who best and with the highest finesse represented the maestro.

With his nasal sound, his canyengue, and his common man's diction he kept alive the popular roots that gave rise to tango music.

It was Chanel who identified himself as an orchestra instrument, in the manner of a viola, as can be verified since his first recording.

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