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“Flores del alma” by Alfredo De Angelis y su Orquesta Típica with Carlos Dante and Julio Martel in vocals, 1947.

Alfredo Lucero Palacios, Argentine Tango singer, lyricist and musician.

Alfredo Lucero Palacios

Singer, lyricist and guitarist (26 October 1910 - 2 June 1974)

His career lasted a rather short time and he was only able to record a little over 20 numbers.

Out of them, only two were tango pieces and three waltzes that used to be included in the tango songbooks.

He was a singer with a pleasant range voice with delicate color.

A typical light tenor of the thirties, quite soft and with good intonation.

Together with Lito Bayardo, he wrote the lyrics of "Flores del alma".

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