Argentine Tango School

"El huracán" by Edgardo Donato y su Orquesta Típica with Felix Gutiérrez in vocals, 1932.

Orquesta Edgardo Donato. Argentine Tango music.

Edgardo Donato

Violinist, leader and composer (14 April 1897 - 15 February 1963)

The orchestra of Edgardo Donato had a phrasing wrapped up in wider dynamics, where the showcasing of bandoneons and Donato’s frequent interventions as soloist was evidenced. 

The leader was a true example of the style developed by El Pibe Ernesto, that is to say by Ernesto Ponzio. 

This description is completed with the musical gymnastics that Donato performed, together with his famous pizzicati.

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