"Don José María" by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica, 1943.

Rosendo Mendizabal was an authentic forerunner of Argentine Tango music

Rosendo Mendizábal

Pianist and composer (21 April 1868 - 30 June 1913)

He was an authentic forerunner of our popular music.

As time goes by, the value and quality of his work grow with indelible edges; the following are titles that speak for themselves: “El entrerriano” and “Don José María”.

Rosendo generally played as a soloist, and his income depended on the generosity of the attendants.

A violinist and a flutist joined him if the importance of the session made it necessary, the repertoire to be played was read on handwritten lead sheets because tangos at that period were not published.

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