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"Demasiado tarde" by Ángel D'Agostino y su Orquesta Típica with Ángel Vargas in vocals, 1946.

"Demasiado tarde", Argentine Tango vinyl disc.
Music: Francisco Troppoli. Lyrics: Agustín Horacio Delamónica.

"It’s all the same, nothing has changed:
the same patio, the same sun,
the same ivy, which like my hope
kept growing in my absence
staying green as ever…

It’s just me who’s come back changed,
carrying all my life’s suffering.
I feel the stab of disillusionment in my chest
as my pained heart bleeds with suffering…

My darling…talk to me!
At least tell me that you hate me.
But don’t just stand there silent and indifferent,
because your frigidity is killing me…

Tell me all your woes—
come on, don’t harbor such resentment for me!
I need the warmth of your endearments,
of your caresses, of your love.

I’ve come back too late
to be able to comfort you.
I’m carrying this weight on my conscience:
knowing that you’ve never
been able to forgive me…

Only now do I understand all the pain
that my abandonment caused you…
You have suffered so much! The wrinkles drawn
on your face are the traces
of your weeping and your sorrow."

Translation: Derrick Del Pilar.

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