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"Déjame no quiero verte más" by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Podestá in vocals, 1947 (English translation).

"Déjame no quiero verte más", Argentine Tango music sheet.
Music: Francisco Canaro / Mariano Mores. Lyrics: Ivo Pelay.

Leave me, I don't want to see you anymore,
let me try to live in peace.

Don't say I’m already
drunk like yesterday,
more harm than alcohol
they made me the anxieties
and the sorrows of loving.
My glass is full
of oblivion and illusion
and in it I want to sink
my despair.

Leave me, seeing you hurts me,
leave me, I can no longer.

Dazzled I loved you
as you love once,
and your life and my love
in a dream I locked up.
And today you see,
but let me
I never want to see you again
let me try to live in peace.

The shadow of your eyes,
the red of your lips,
the fire from your arms
melt into wine
with flashes of dagger.
Useless is running away
of your fascination,
useless asking
my heart to forget.

Come here, I want to see you next to me,
kiss me, without you I don't know how to live ...
Kiss me heart, kiss me heart ...

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