"De puro guapo" by Pedro Laurenz y su Orquesta Típica with Juan Carlos Casas in vocals, 1940 (English translation).

"De puro guapo", Argentine Tango music sheet cover.
Music: Pedro Laurenz. Lyrics: Manuel Meaños.

Between cortes y quebradas,
I softly grumbled in your ear
all my flowery verb
that my love told you.

You showed in your smile
all your flirtation,
and I, my manhood defeated ...
I, who always knew how to win.

To get your love
I want to bet my life
to the card that I liked ...
It is not the first game
in which my rest I have gambled ...
And if in the end I take over and win,
—valiant I am in the situation—
there is a knife, brave hand,
courage and bravery
to assert myself.

I have what I want,
and that for valiant and for brave ...
It is enough that in one arm I have the rag
and in another the knife ...
If my deeds are not enough
I put my courage to the test.
No one advantages my lead
when your love is at stake!

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