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Argentine Tango School

Travel to Buenos Aires and dance Argentine Tango

ine Tango in Buenos Aires with Marcelo solis at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires
To understand the full meaning of a phrase you need to know its context.
You need to know this about Argentine Tango: Buenos Aires is where Tango is at home.

We are going to Buenos Aires to see what Tango really is, how Tango looks in its home.

Marcelo Solis bailando con Lola en Buenos Aires during his trip
You will visit Buenos Aires guided by a milonguero.

If your goal is to master the Art of Argentine Tango, you will achieve a complete comprehension of Tango if you are met by the community of best dancers there, which we call “milongueros” in a general way, but who are individuals, with names and reputations as great dancers. Not everyone who calls themselves a “milonguero” is one. That is why you will need to be introduced by a member of this community.

Osvaldo y Coca Cartery. Maestros milongueros. Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.
In Buenos Aires, we will go to the milongas where Tango is still lived as a culture, and also, fundamentally, to take classes with excellent milonguero teachers,

many of whom do not travel abroad, from whom you can receive important insights into the dance, its recent history, its philosophy and way of life.

We are at the edge of missing these milongueras and milongueros forever. It is perhaps our last chance. If you care, seize your opportunity to come to Buenos Aires and meet them, take lessons from them, go to the milongas they go to, watch them dance and the way they behave, talk to them.

Perhaps one day you will pass all these insights onto a future generation of milongueros. This is the ultimate goal of this tour.
Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral as seeing in our Argentine Tango tour to Buenos Aires with Marcelo Solis

We will also visit places of cultural relevance to Tango, to Argentina and to the world, highlighting how this beautiful City, Porteños (the people who live in Buenos Aires), architecture, art, history, cuisine, and way of life are intimately connected to Tango music and dance.

The format of this tour seamlessly integrates you into the life of a Porteño/a, allowing you the opportunity to experience all of the components of Tango from the passionate point of view of a milonguero/a.

Argentine Tango tour to Buenos Aires. Meet Blas Catrenau, great Maestro milonguero

A typical day in Buenos Aires on my tour:

  • Late morning – because nothing starts before a little coffee and facturas… We meet for a City tour and to enjoy a leisurely lunch.
  • Afternoon/Early evening – Classes and practicas with excellent milonguero teachers.
  • Evening – Milongas every night.

*Early mornings and some afternoons are free for private lessons. I highly recommend you take private lessons with a milonguero/a teacher while in Buenos Aires.
Each day we will enjoy lunch at a different location, leaving most of the evenings for snacks and being light to dance. You will be able to purchase food at milongas.


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