"Criolla linda" by Francisco Lomuto y su Orquesta Típica, 1942.

"Criolla linda" Argentine Tango music sheet cover.

Vicente Gorrese

Pianist, leader and composer (17 July 1899 - 27 March 1978)

He played piano by ear.

His debut was in 1915 at a kermess that the manufacturers of the Kalisay aperitif had organized on the old Corrientes Street.

When in November 1925 the Orquesta Típica Victor was formed he replaced its leader Adolfo Carabelli to play the piano, later he led the aggregation.

He was also the first pianist of the Juan D'Arienzo Orchestra in 1928 and played in the recording sessions for the Electra label.

In 1931, he went to Europe with Francisco Fiorentino.

His oeuvre as composer began after 1920.

Among his tangos committed to record we can mention "Criolla linda".

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