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"Con alma y vida" by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica with Jorge Durán in vocals, 1945 (English translation).

'Con alma y vida', Argentine Tango music vinyl disc.
Music: Carlos Di Sarli. Lyrics: Héctor Marcó.

Dressed by night and moon
gentlemen ... here I present her;
make way for this beauty
that is a pure milonga
more criolla than a bitter mate.

Dreaming between her songs
I'm going to form my flag
with my mother's gray hair
and the blue of dark circles
where today I lose my heart!

How sweet it is to love her,
feel her and kiss her!
And hear the dear voice
from a mouth that asks us
a kiss without betrayal,
and the heart,
with soul and life.

How beautiful is my Criolla,
what an enchanter is love!

Laughing like the dawn,
Gentlemen, cross my lady!
Do not snub her figure
that when she wiggled her waist
my guitar laughs and cries.

Milonga by Martín Fierro,
the blazon of my suburbs;
the more I sing you and the more I love you
because when tapping your streets
I live in her arms.

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