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"Calla bandoneón" by Ricardo Tanturi y su Orquesta Típica with Enrique Campos in vocals, 1944.

Carlos Lazzari, Argentine Tango musician and composer.

Carlos Lazzari

Bandoneonist, composer, arranger and leader (9 December 1925 - 9 June 2009)

Temperamental is the descriptive expression most suited to define the interpretive style of this bandoneon player so important in the 1950s and 1960s.

His outstanding sound and his abilities as “fueye cadenero” (leading player) made him unique in the style that he embraced as his own: the one of Juan D'Arienzo’s.

His playing technique on that instrument was inborn.

He possessed a perfect fingering with both hands and an expressive natural manner when playing, and he knew that mistakes or wrong notes were not frequent for him.

As a composer, one of his most outstanding pieces is "Calla bandoneón".

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