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Argentine Tango School

“Boedo” by Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica, 1948.

Dante A. Linyera, Argentine Tango poet.

Dante A. Linyera

Lyricist, poet and composer (10 August 1903 – 15 July 1938)

Short was the life of this stubborn bohemian whose biggest sin was living in a hurry and carelessly.

On one occasion he thought over repentance but he continued with no change on his way.

«Damn it! When I recall I was just fourteen when I started with this easy life I feel like killing myself like fools do, but later I smoke a cigarette while saying: That’s it. What can I do?»

He was in a superior level, the master of lunfardo poem.

Unbeatable. An exceptional guy. He was born for this, he came to accomplish his assigned mission.

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