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"Así se canta" by Ricardo Tanturi y su Orquesta Típica with Enrique Campos in vocals, 1943.

Tanturi-Campos Argentine Tango music disc back cover detail.


Lyricist and composer (24 November 1902 - 8 May 1976)

Marvil was a very popular lyricist, many of whose creations we can hear at milongas.

His interest in writing tango lyrics began in the mid-thirties and continued for twenty years.

From his beginnings, he obtained great success.

The musicians who collaborated with him in the musicalization of his verses were many and important.

As well as many great voices that interpreted his tangos.

He was a great Tango author.

He knew how to interpret the time in which he lived, with humor and sensitivity, portraying the landscape of his youth with typical watercolors full of tenderness and with the stamp of the forties.

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