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"Así se baila el Tango" by Ricardo Tanturi y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Castillo in vocals, 1942.

Alberto Castillo, Argentine Tango singer.

Alberto Castillo

Singer, actor, composer and lyricist (7 December 1914 - 23 July 2002)

The very peculiar style of Alberto Castillo maybe has something to do with the mocking (humorous) grace of the outskirts origin of Rosita Quiroga, Sofía Bozán, or Tita Merello.

But in no way these are influences; neither have they similarity among them nor Castillo resembles them. Simply, we could group them —and add them to the subsequent Elba Berón— because they are united by a common air, the same unpolished cadence.

However, when Castillo faces deep themes, the tenderness he conveys is striking.

Definitively, he is a «voice that does not sound like any other's voice», as the unforgettable Julián Centeya wisely said.

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