"Arrabalero" by Osvaldo Fresedo y su Orquesta Típica, 1939.

Osvaldo Fresedo

Bandoneonist, director and composer. (5 May 1897 - 18 November 1984)

Born in Buenos Aires to a wealthy family seems to have influenced his art: his orchestra, refined and aristocratic, was the favorite of upper circles.

However, despite Osvaldo's father was a rich businessman, at the age of ten, his family moved to La Paternal, a neighborhood somewhat away and humble, with flat houses in a popular surrounding which had its effect on his destiny.

It was there where he started playing the bandoneon.

His was the longest tango career ever found: over 1,250 recordings along 63 years.

Osvaldo Fresedo y su Orquesta Típica. Argentine Tango music.

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