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Argentine Tango School

Elvino Vardaro y su Sexteto. Tango music.

Vardaro, Elvino

Y su Sexteto Típico

Luis Adolfo Sierra made the following description of his style: «With perfect intonation, he completely mastered his instrument and the resources of playing; with a deep knowledge of all the secrets of the violin mechanism. He always showcased an impeccable dexterity when handling the bow and a facility with the left hand which allowed him to reach the highest notes naturally. He embellished his phrasings with the addition of subtle turns and grace notes of precise execution. He had an unmistakable vibrato and romantic lyricism in all his interpretations. Remarkable personality to the point that his unmistakable sound made, unintentionally, always his performance outstanding at any of the so many violin sections he joined. In spite of the fact that he never intended a personal showcasing, his presence was always evidenced. Even though, in essence, he was a product of the Decarean school, his violin style was totally different from Julio De Caro’s.»

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