Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica. Argentine music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.

“Nobleza de arrabal” by Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica, 1940.

Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica. Argentine music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica

His early groups were sextets with which he recorded 48 numbers from November 26, 1928 to August 14, 1931.

Previously he had played piano in a large number of movie theaters as background music for silent movies. In 1923 he joined the group led by Anselmo Aieta.

The following year he played with the outfit fronted by Juan Pedro Castillo and, also, in a trio along with Alejandro Scarpino (bandoneon) and Lorenzo Olivari (violin) to back up the singers that appear on the LOX Radio Cultura radio station.

In the mid- 1926 Osvaldo Fresedo summoned him to perform as piano player of a second orchestra he had put together to appear at the same time of his main aggregation in which the pianist was José María Rizzuti.

1940. Carlos Di Sarli (piano); Roberto Guisado, Ángel Goicoechea, Alfredo Pérez and Antonio Rossi (violins); Roberto Gianitelli, Félix Verdi, Domingo Sánchez, Roberto Mititieri and Luis Porcell (bandoneons); Domingo Capurro (double bass) and Roberto Rufino (vocals).

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I was born in Argentina. Through my family and the community that saw my upbringing, I have been intimately involved with the culture of Tango all my life, and have been an Argentine Tango dance performer, choreographer and instructor for over 30 years. I profoundly love Tango dancing, music, and culture, particularly that of the Golden Era. I am a milonguero.

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