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"Flor de Montserrat" by Rodolfo Biagi y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Amor in vocals, 1945.

Alberto Amor, Argentine Tango singer.

Alberto Amor

Singer and lyricist (25 January 1917 - 1999)

He was a great singer not only because of his interpretive quality but also for his personal voice and phrasing.

His best period was when he sang with Rodolfo Biagi, an orchestra that had its followers but which was not among the most acclaimed.

However, by listening to his recordings, we can appraise his baritone range with tenor-like overtones and the balance with which he collocated his voice that, despite its strength, achieved a gentle and delicate result.

He was a great singer that we shall go on enjoying by means of his magnificent recordings.

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