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Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango dancing with Miranda Lindelow

Do not miss your chance!!!

Since the current global health crisis started, Tango has been greatly affected by it, like many other aspects of our lives. 
Just imagine what it means for the milonga organizers in Buenos Aires! 
I am talking not about any milonga organizer, but of those that have been working for many years, making careful choices, about the set up of the chairs and tables, the selection of the tablecloths, the music, the lights, developing the skill to remember your name and balance the distribution of dancers around the dance floor, thoughtfully giving each of the milongueros and milongueras a place in the milonga Cosmos, not only physical, but in every possible aspect of existence, being proactive in promoting the acceptance of the codes of the milonga as a way to express respect for others and for Tango itself… 
And now all of it is gone. 
Yes, it will all return, but…
What are we doing in order to make sure this time is not wasted?
In my particular case, I am deeply thankful to all our group of students who have kept the fire on and help us and each other to continue the improvement of our Tango, and our lives in general, since Tango is inseparable from other aspects of our lives.
We are already better dancers!!! 
This improvement trend is continuing and will justify this odd time, giving it meaning.
Do not miss your chance: Tomorrow we are starting a new series of virtual classes. If you still think that you won’t benefit from this format, I encourage you to reconsider. Perhaps you would like to read the following articles I wrote on this subject:
If you still feel that virtual classes are not a good match for you, we are restarting in-person private lessons. And of course we keep offering virtual private lessons online as well. Many of our students already started!!!
I am sure that you care about Tango, your group of Tango friends, and your teachers.
Tango is waiting for you.

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