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Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango dancing with Miranda Lindelow

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Communication through the use of language is possible among those who share similar experiences.

The experiences which gave shape to myself made me able to dialog with milongueros born a generation before me in Buenos Aires, and see the gold glitters of their dance, the emotions of the neighborhood, the smell of humid soil in a raining day, the colors of gardens, the sunsets on the sidewalk, playing soccer with next door’s kids, while families bring their chairs out and seat to breath and enjoy the calm of the moment and the chat with the neighbors, those walks back and forth from school, the flavors of your mom’s meals, the sounds of horses bells and carts, the melodies of the street vendors, the knife sharpeners and junk dealers, your dad’s voice playing cards in the local bar with his friends, your grandma adoring those Argentine movie stars appearing in magazines or black and white tv shows… 

All that is foreign to a Porteño of my generation.

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