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Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi at our intermediate class: musicality dancing Di Sarli

Are we on the same page?

Our commitment at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires (Argentine Tango School) is to make you a great dancer.
You need to understand that we do this because we have chosen to be great dancers ourselves.
If your interest is cheap and easy entertainment, we are not on the same page.
To become a great dancer you need to dedicate resources to such a project: in time, in exercising, in taking a portion of well focused time to learn from a great dancer and qualified teacher.
You should understand that we do this because we care about Tango. We do not want Tango to be degraded, to be reduced to a shallow way of amusement, for no other reason than easy distraction. Our whole planet Earth is being degraded for no good reason.
This may be a surprising new way of thinking for you. We are shaped by habits.

Maybe Tango could be a way to think about your life in a different way, a way that teaches you how to be more aware, more thoughtful, and guides you to make choices with better sense and taste.

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to learn to dance Tango, you can:

Argentine Tango private lesson with Marcelo Solis

Private lessons

Are the way to learn Argentine Tango
  • At our private lessons we work intensely on foundations, rhythm, musicality and connection with partner. We design a program according to your own goals and requirements.

  • While group classes are necessary to work on the social aspects of this beautiful art form, during private lessons we focus on the specific details of your dance which are important in achieving your goal of being a great dancer, a true milonguera or milonguero.