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Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi at Enchanted Tango Home 9

Now, let’s not forget that we always affirm that what we want to do the most is dance.

What is dancing?
What is the point of dancing?
What does it mean to dance?
Why dance?
What is it for?
What is the use of dancing?
We don’t really have answers to these questions, and there may not be answers.
Perhaps these questions are worthless.
Sometimes we make an effort to give answers to these questions and we try to convince ourselves that we dance because it is a “therapy”, because it is “good for our health”, because we can “meet someone to relate intimately”… and although there is always some truth in all these statements, they are only partial approximations to something much deeper.
What is most evident regarding dance is that we are alive and eager to enjoy being alive.
We can infer from this that others experience those same emotions.
Thus we realize that we are not alone, that we are not the only ones who want to dance.
Dancing, then, is also recognizing the desire of others to dance.
We recognize in this way our responsibility when dancing: we do not dance only for ourselves, but we also dance to share our dance for others.
We discovered that our dance cannot be whatever.
Our dance has to be precious.
Because we can only dance if we are generous and we value what we give a lot.

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Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi at Enchanted Tango Home 9