Argentine Tango School

Argentine Tango class with Myriam Pincen, Buenos Aires, March 2019.

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From Myriam Pincen:

“My classes aim to instruct and encourage the dance of Tango Salón Tradicional Argentino, a knowledge that I have acquired over more than 30 years of study with various teachers such as Miguel Gutierrez, Eduardo Arquimbau, Mingo Pugliese, Pepito Avellaneda, J.C. Copes among others, with whom I not only learned to dance but also to teach dance, scene, and choreography.

In my classes we work on everything you need to dance Tango on a dance floor: posture, musicality, balance, cadence, styles, different orchestras, lead and follow, adornments, codes, floor craft, etc.

The final goal is that all can access to enjoy a good tango dance and also to transcend our Buenos Aires’ culture for the next generations.”

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