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Argentine Tango School

“Al compás de un tango” by Lucio Demare y su Orquesta Típica with Juan Carlos Miranda in vocals, 1942.

Alberto Suárez Villanueva, Argentine Tango musician and composer.

Alberto Suárez Villanueva

Pianist, leader and composer (4 February 1913 – 12 December 1980)

He was a notable musician of our beloved Tango that contributed to the evolution of the genre either in his work as a player, in the melodic and rhythmical aspects, and in his work as a composer.

While still a kid his parents sent him to study piano at the Williams Conservatory of Rosario. In that institution, he got strong musical training, not only as an instrumentalist but also in harmony and composition.

In the mid-thirties he decided to settle in the city of Buenos Aires.

In 1942 maestro Lucio Demare with his orchestra and Juan Carlos Miranda on vocals recorded “Al compás de un tango”.

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