Oscar Larroca. Argentine music. Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.

“Volvamos a empezar”, by Alfredo De Ángelis y su Orquesta Típica with Oscar Larroca, 1953.

Oscar Larroca

5 July 1922 – 26 August 1976

By Abel Palermo

With the name Oscar Antonio Moretta, the one who would be the great singer Oscar Larroca was born in the neighborhood of Almagro. He was son of Nicolás Moretta and Elsa Bugarelli.

His father, a guitar strummer and gauchesque singer, that stood out in the coteries of the period, would encourage his son Oscar’s vocation.

Since early age a guitar was his companion. His parents enrolled him at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música. He graduated as guitar teacher. When he was already a teenager he started his singing studies.

He appeared in his early stints as singer accompanying himself on guitar. His good voice and his taste in singing made that he frequently was showcased in the school parties at the end of the annual courses.

In the early 40s he appeared at the important daily show on Radio Mitre, the famous Matinée de Juan Manuel. Those who wanted to start a career in popular music regarded that program as an almost unavoidable beginning. Many important figures performed on that program. Larroca had a three-year tenure accompanied by the guitar players Pascual Avena, Enrique Maciel (Jr.) and Demasi. With it he achieved technical proficiency and stage experience. Continue reading.

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I was born in Argentina. Through my family and the community that saw my upbringing, I have been intimately involved with the culture of Tango all my life, and have been an Argentine Tango dance performer, choreographer and instructor for over 30 years. I profoundly love Tango dancing, music, and culture, particularly that of the Golden Era. I am a milonguero.

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