Olga Matveeva

Olga started tango in 2006 in San Francisco Bay Area, coming from a background in competitive sports, classical ballet, modern and ballroom dancing. Her love for tango music, natural ability to follow, understanding of the social context of tango, and dedication to practice allowed the fast progress.

Nowadays Olga is among the most sought after tango partners in the milongas. She has taught and performed with Marcelo Solis, assisted Nestor la Vitola and Jorge Kero at Escuela de Tango classes in Buenos Aires.

For instruction, her main approach is based upon understanding how the moving bodies achieve connection and musical improvisation in the dance; how the follower’s technique allows her the active, creative role in a partnership.

Olga travels regularly to Buenos Aires to dance in the milongas, and to continue studying tango in its original cultural setting. Among the instructors she has worked with are Alicia Pons, Ruben Harymbat, Nestor La Vitola, Monica Paz, Enriqueta Kleinman, Blas Catreneau, Jorge Kero, Ricardo Bellozo.

Olga is proficient in a leader’s role as well. Other dances she enjoys dancing are Salsa, Swing, and Argentinean folklore.

Olga is teaching a Workshop on “Ladies’ Tango: to follow and to dance” on July 19, 2014. For more information, click here.