Intermediate level classes' description

  • Themes

    • Posture and walk.
    • Pause.
    • Connection and embrace.
    • Rhythm and cadencia.
    • Pivots and ochos.
    • Music: The “Era of Sextets” and Orquestas Típicas of the "Golden Era".  
    • Parallel, crossed system and sides.
    • Ochos and figures.
    • Ochos' variations.
    • Turns.
    • Cross' variations.
    • Stops.
    • Figures in Argentine Tango.
    • Combining elements, improvisation and dialog between partners.
    • Social aspects of Tango. The milonga.
    • Other Argentine Tango rhythms: Milonga with traspié and vals cruzado.
  • Methodology

    • We work on technical details through exercises and drills.
    • We begin with the posture. It is comfortable, relaxed, and functional in relation to dancing embracing and embraced by a partner.
    • During the class we use a set of exercises to develop the moves and responses that you need to have in your body, in your muscle memory to be able to move harmonically with a partner in the situation of dancing at a milonga. These moves are connected to music.
    • We practice those exercises at the beginning of every class. The moves would not be integrated in you muscle memory without repeating them a few times at every class or practice for a period of time. When we practice these exercises in a class, our objective is not just to use them in that class, but to gradually incorporate them in your muscle memory, so they are available in your muscle memory for the classes you’ll take later.
  • Please wear leather soled shoes.

  • No partner needed for classes.

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