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“Vendrás alguna vez” by Enrique Rodríguez y su Orquesta Típica with Roberto “El Chato” Flores in vocals, 1938.

Luis César Amadori

Lyricist, author, entrepreneur, filmmaker and journalist (28 May 1902 – 5 June 1977)

Luis Cesar Amadori. Music to learn to dance at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.

Writing for theater unavoidably drove him to write as well the lyrics of numerous songs, mainly tangos.

With Alfredo Malerba he wrote “Vendrás alguna vez”

Like many other Italian families that came to our country to search for their fortune, he arrived in our country when he was five from Pescara, his hometown. Continue reading at www.todotango.com…

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Argentine Tango dance technique 14: Boleo – Technical details and exercises

Since our legs move like pendulums, a back and forth movement of the leg without change of weight is possible. We call this “boleo”. This pendular movement of the free of weight leg is more often combined with the spiral movement of the leg described above in relation to pivoting.

  • Keeping your free of weight foot inside edge in contact with the floor, pivot back and forth, letting your free of weight leg to pendulum, carefully keeping the details described above about knees and legs.
  • Make forward and backward ocho moves and practice the back and forth pendulum at each instance of pivoting.

Argentine Tango dance technique 13: Boleo

Argentine Tango dance technique 12: Continuing backward ocho

Continue pivoting the same direction of your established rotation and move your free of weight foot backward, aligned with your lower sagittal plane, your torso torquing according to counter body movement, orienting the center of your chest to the central axis of the couple (backward ocho).


Argentine Tango dance technique 10: Forward-side

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