“T.B.C.” by Carlos Di Sarli y su Sexteto Típico, 1928.

Tango "T.B.C." music sheet cover.

The sextets renowned in the history of Tango developed a classic constitution: two bandoneons, two violins, piano and double bass. It is necessary to previously point out that those line-ups were neither unmovable nor permanent.

They changed according to dates and circumstances.

Carlos Di Sarli for his appearance at the Café Guaraní (1927): César Ginzo and Tito Landó (b), José Pécora and David Abramsky (v), Di Sarli (p) and A. Krauss (db). One month later Héctor Lefalle substituted for Abramsky (v) and Domingo Capurro for A. Krauss (db). Continue reading at www.todotango.com…

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