Lafayette classNEW: 8 classes’ series, starting January, 2016: $79 (includes milonga)

EVERY FRIDAY: Drop-in classes, series and milonga (dance party).
8 pm: Fundamentals & Basic Elements of dancing Tango (good for beginners and everyone else).
9 pm: Playing with Tango Elements (intermediates).
10 pm: Milonga Mandinga (Tango dance party).

Where: Lafayette Dance Center, 3369 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette.

In the first class the focus is on general aspects that make a good Tango dancer (rhythm and musicality, connection with the music and between partners, walk, posture, embrace) as well as on fundamental codes of Tango (the line of dance, what is a tanda, how to ask for a dance).

In the second class, the focus is in particular elements that will develop you creativity, connection to your partner, awareness of your situation on the dance floor and the music you are dancing.

Lafayette classes and Milonga Mandinga are the most similar to a Buenos Aires neighborhood class and milonga. The friendly and committed to learn crowd of regulars makes the experience of this class and milonga to feel very welcoming and rewarding.

$19 one class (includes milonga)PURCHASE ONLINE.
$35 for both same day classes (includes milonga)PURCHASE ONLINE.
$10 Milonga only. PURCHASE ONLINE.


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NEW: 8 classes’ series:  $79 (includes milonga). See terms and conditions, click here.

Program for beginners: 

  • Class 1: What is tango? Origins, Golden Era and today. Music: instruments, Sextets, Orquesta Tipica. Posture, walk and pivots. Line of dance. How to enter the dance floor. 
  • Class 2: Review of class 1, connection between partners. Eyes, “cabeceo” and codes of the milongas. Rhythmic variations of walking. Embrace. The Era of Sextets.
  • Class 3: Previous classes’ review, cross and parallel systems, forward and backward ochos. Juan D’Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica 1935 to 1940.
  • Class 4: Previous classes’ review, change of direction and half turn. Carlos Di Sarli y su Orquesta Típica 1939 to 1948.
  • Class 5: Previous classes’ review, turns and circular movements. Anibal Troilo y su Orquesta Típica 1938 to 1944.
  • Class 6: Previous classes’ review, crosses: basic, cruzado, sentada. Osvaldo Pugliese y su Orquesta Típica 1943 to 1948.
  • Class 7: Previous classes’ review, “paradas”, “sanguchito”, embellishments. Other Orquestas Tipicas of the Golden Era.
  • Class 8: Previous classes review, different rhythms of tango: tango, milonga and vals.

Program for intermediates: $79Click here to purchase it.

  • Class 1: Walking and “cadencia”. Change of weight and change of direction. Corrida and pause. “Guardia Vieja”, “Guardia Nueva” and “Golden Era” of tango.
  • Class 2: Review of class 1, embrace, lead and follow. Dissociation in tango moves. Enrosque. Julio De Caro, Osvaldo Fresedo, Carlos Di Sarli.
  • Class 3: Previous classes’ review, walking and systems. Pivots and ochos. Circular ochos, small and big ochos. The beginning of the Golden Era: D’Arienzo, Lomuto, Donato and Canaro.
  • Class 4: Previous classes’ review, intermediates changes of direction and turns with sacadas. The 4 main orchestras of the Golden Era.
  • Class 5: Previous classes’ review, turns and planeos. Calesita and cadena. The singers: Fiorentino, Echague, Berón, Podestá, Vargas, Rufino, Chanel.
  • Class 6: Previous classes’ review, intermediate crosses and figures.  Osvaldo Pugliese.
  • Class 7: Previous classes’ review, embellishments. Walking beautifully. The later orchestras.
  • Class 8: Previous classes’ review, milonga with traspié and vals cruzado.

$79Click here to purchase it.

Next series start on January and April, 2016.

Classes’ cards include milonga, but cannot be used for milonga only. Classes cards can be used in all my classes, excepted Walnut Creek classes. See terms and conditions, click here.

PRIVATE LESSONS: A personalized approach and close up perspective on your own dance.

STUDIO RENT IS INCLUDED in these prices. Private classes are of 50 minutes, with one Master instructor, for couples, and usually at the same place of the group classes during the same day on an earlier hour. For private lessons for individuals and/or a Master couple of instructors, click here.

Private lessons will be booked after payment is received.