Lafayette class

EVERY FRIDAY: Drop in classes and milonga (dance party).
8 pm: Fundamentals & Basic Elements of dancing Tango (good for beginners and everyone else).
9 pm: Playing with Tango Elements (intermediates).
10 pm: Milonga Mandinga (Tango dance party).

Where: Lafayette Dance Center, 3369 Mt. Diablo Blvd, Lafayette.

In the first class the focus is on general aspects that make a good Tango dancer (rhythm and musicality, connection with the music and between partners, walk, posture, embrace) as well as on fundamental codes of Tango (the line of dance, what is a tanda, how to ask for a dance).

In the second class, the focus is in particular elements that will develop you creativity, connection to your partner, awareness of your situation on the dance floor and the music you are dancing.

Lafayette classes and Milonga Mandinga are the most similar to a Buenos Aires neighborhood class and milonga. The friendly and committed to learn crowd of regulars makes the experience of this class and milonga to feel very welcoming and rewarding.

$15 one class (includes milonga). PURCHASE ONLINE.
$25 for both classes (includes milonga). PURCHASE ONLINE.
$10 milonga only. PURCHASE ONLINE.


Classes’ cards include milonga. Classes cards can be used in all my classes, excepted Walnut Creek classes.

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