Book recommendations:


  • Tango, Our Dance
    The sensuality and stylized ritual of the tango are captured in this illuminating documentary. Director Jorge Zanada spent years researching and recording the tango’s place in Argentine culture and exploring the machismo that drives the dance. Most riveting are the milongueros-the amateur dancers who preserve the pure, traditional steps. Their intimate stories about their personal experiences reveal the intensity that feed their individual tango styles. Numerous tango aficionados, including actors Robert Duvall and Juan Carlos Copes (star of Broadway’s TANGO ARGENTINO), make special appearances. A passionate valentine to what Martha Graham called “the most beautiful dance of this century.”
  • Si sos Brujo: A Tango Story
    Si Sos Brujo is a heartfelt, inspiring film that could do for Argentine Tango what the Buena Vista Social Club did for the music and musicians of Cuba illuminating an evolving culture, a way of life and the triumph of preserving one of the most intricate musical traditions of the world, following nearly 50 years of relative obscurity. This beautifully shot documentary brings the compelling story of a group of young Argentine musicians racing against time to learn and preserve the elegant and nuanced music played by the legendary Golden Age tango orchestras of Buenos Aires in the 40 s and 50 s.If you are familiar with the names of Pugliese, Triolo and Piazzolla, this film is essential viewing. Yet it has broad appeal, and anyone interested in the creative, musical process will love this film.
  • The Tango Lesson
     This is a true story, and both Sally Potter and Pablo Veron play themselves in the movie. About halfway thru the movie when Sally’s and Pablo’s friends are searching for a studio to rent for their dancing practice, the film really picks up – and then, it simply blows your socks off !!! If you like dancing, love the tango, or have been or want to go to Buenos Aires, don’t miss this film.

E-media, websites, podcasts:

  • Learn Argentinian Spanish: Do you want to learn all about Argentina? This site provides Spanish listening comprehension practice on a wide range of topics related to Argentina.
  • Tango Sensei: Un podcast de tango desde Tijuana-San Diego. Una búsqueda a través del pasado y del presente del tango por la huella que lo llevará al futuro. Conductores: José Ciccone y Marcelo Fernández Controles: José Ciccone Jr.

MilonguerosMy favorite milongueros: Here is a playlist of my favorite dancers, who are mostly my teachers: click here.


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