Introduction to our 8-week Argentine Tango program

ine Tango in Buenos Aires with Marcelo solis at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires

Welcome to Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires!

Our 8-week training program is designed to introduce you to Tango.

Our goal is to inspire you to continue thereafter learning Argentine Tango, and transform your life into a work of art.

We will focus on:

1. Posture
2. Walk
3. Awareness
4. Musicality
5. Connection
  • Posture and walk, the first 2 items in our list, are the aspects of Tango that can be learned, provided the expertise of a knowledgeable and experience teacher.

It is through exercises and repetition that we intend for correct technique to become second nature, which will allow you to contemplate the next items on our list.

  • Awareness of your own body and its movements, awareness of your partner, in intimate proximity to you, becoming a mirror in which you can discover yourself, and awareness of the other couples dancing on the same dance floor as you.

Argentine Tango is a social dance that requires a measure of responsibility regarding those who share the same passion.

  • Musicality is where your emotions will come into play, and this is what you bring with you to Tango.

Music, in general, and Argentine Tango music, in particular, is a language that makes emotions talk.

We will share our knowledge and passion for this music with you. We regularly post the most relevant songs on our website, and we offer well crafted and professionally selected tango music that you can purchase at our classroom or online.

You can also find lots of tango music at our website.

  • The last item on the list, connection, is perhaps the first characteristic of Argentine Tango, the last development that appears in the social partners’ dances, the characteristic that allows us to pin down what Argentine Tango is: the embrace.

Argentine Tango makes the human embrace into a work of art.

Let's clarify that this 8-week introductory series for beginners is no more than that, an introduction.

If you decide to continue with learning more about Tango, your next step will be the intermediate series, which runs parallel to this series on the following hour.

Also, you need to know that, if you want to get a real and profound understanding of this form of art, private lessons become necessary.

And also to travel to Buenos Aires and see Tango in its own environment. We regularly organize trips with our students.

Let’s begin!

Argentine Tango dancing with Mimi at a beginner's class in San Jose California