"Indiferencia" by Juan D'Arienzo y su Orquesta Típica with Alberto Echagüe in vocals, 1938.

Juan Carlos Thorry, Argentine Tango singer, composer and lyricist.

Juan Carlos Thorry

Singer, actor, composer and lyricist (28 June 1908 - 12 February 2000)

«My first long trousers, the end of my high school studies and the time when I entered the university are very closely linked to my early experiences at dancehalls.

We used to go to dance to the venues called then cabarets.

There we held a contest of twists and turns dancing with the best players of the period.

I came to know the beloved Manos Brujas with whom we became friends.

During a rehearsal he played for me a tune he had just composed and asked me to write the lyrics for it.

There on the piano, I scribbled the first words of “Indiferencia”.»

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