Buenos Aires, April 17 to 26, 2020.

Dance Tango in Buenos Aires with Marcelo Solis at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires

Not to miss!!!

You won't have a better opportunity.

Allow us to guide you through Buenos Aires and Tango IN A UNIQUE WAY...

Highlighting how this beautiful City, Porteños (the people who live in Buenos Aires), architecture, art, history, cuisine, and way of life are intimately connected to Tango music and dance.

The format of this tour seamlessly integrates you into the life of a Porteño/a, allowing you the opportunity to experience all of the components of Tango from the passionate point of view of a milonguero/a.

Some experiences are only possible in Buenos Aires…

Or things that cannot be planned…

Come to Buenos Aires with us and immerse yourself in the culture of Tango.