Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What to wear at your first class?

  • A: No special requirements for your first class.

  • Q: Do I need a partner to come to class?

  • A: No. While Tango is a partner dance, you do not need  a partner to learn to dance.
    In our classes we work on what is important to make you a great milonguera or milonguero: posture, balance and musicality.
    Teachers and assistants in our classes give personalized attention to each student. Other single students may come to class and do our exercises with you, but each student has her or his own challenges to work on. Depending on individual characteristics, working with a partner may sometimes be an advantage and sometimes a draw back.

  • Q: When the next 8 weeks series starts?

  • Q: How to best take advantage of our classes?

  • A: We recommend that you become a regular student.

    We need to educate ourselves with a set of good habits, which in turn will allow us to flow through the dance floor in a comfortable manner. The more of our classes you take, the sooner you will feel comfortable and incorporate what you are learning to be able to dance.

    Asking us which one of our classes we recommend is like asking a father which one of his children he loves the most: we love all our classes. We fully engage ourselves, making each of them one-of-a-kind. In this sense, the best way to advantage of our classes is to take all of them, and the second best is to take as many as possible.

    Our pricing options include class cards, which will allow you to take any of our classes (except the Walnut Creek series) with a single payment. See more information about group classes pricing options.

    Another advantage of becoming a regular student is that we will be able to personalize our instruction to you. In order to better personalize our instruction to you, private lessons are a must. See more information about private lessons.

    When making your decision, please keep in mind that learning how to dance is comparable to learning how to live: how much of your life are you willing to give to the goal of living better?

  • Q: When to move from beginner level class to intermediate level class?

  • A: We do not recommend you to come directly to the intermediate classes, since most of the students in that class dance tango for a long time.

    We recommend you to start with the beginner class, taking it easy. After at least 8 beginner classes (do not count classes with other teachers), move up by taking both classes in the next series. After that, take the intermediate classes. And then the advance class. If you complete our 8-class series, you will be ready to move to the next levels right away.

    Also, private lessons are a wonderful way to have personalized attention and work in your own particular issues and your level.

  • Q: How to schedule classes and private lessons?

  • A: To schedule your private lessons, please send us an email to; please include proof of purchase. Purchase your class and/or private lessons now.

  • Q: What "milonga" means?

  • A: Milonga means: a) Tango dance party and the place where it takes place; and b) A particular variety of Tango music.

  • Q: What "milonguero" means?

  • A: Since those who love dancing Tango go to milongas to dance it, we are called milongueros.

  • Q: How to enter the promotion code when making a purchase?

  • A: After you click on "Add Item" button, the "PROMOTION CODE" window will appear on the lower left.

  • Q: How to pay and register for classes?

  • A: About prices for classes and private lessons, and to purchase them online, please See our prices for classes and private lessons, and purchase them online. Download the App in your phone.

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