“El africano” by Cayetano Puglisi y su Sexteto Típico, 1929.

Cayetano Puglisi y su Sexteto. Argentine music at Escuela de Tango de Buenos Aires.Cayetano Puglisi

Violinist, leader and composer
(2 January 1902 – 2 November 1968)

We arrive at a very important chapter in the artistic career of this great musician.

We place it in 1928, a period when the sextets blossomed.

This splendid outfit he put together is always remembered with admiration and nostalgia by the lovers of good tango.

The orchestra always evidenced a trademark of quality, with a special sort of slow beat full of tango colors, and a very hard to match richness of nuances. The crisis brought by the lack of work made this group disband. Continue reading at www.todotango.com…

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